Visual Bandwidth Control™

Visual Bandwidth Control™


With Visual Bandwidth Control™, you have full control over your Internet connection. It enables you see which applications are hogging bandwidth and tune performance for each, so they don’t interfere with your other programs. Every application that connects to the Internet will appear in the Visual Bandwidth Control tab of the Killer Network Manager, where you can see exactly how much bandwidth each program is using at any given time. By moving the easy-to-use sliders for each app, you can control the bandwidth used by any application on your PC.

Using this feature, you can cut down the bandwidth usage of a download, or set just how much bandwidth a streaming video takes up, freeing those resources for other applications. Visual Bandwidth Control™ gives you the ability to do more online at once. 

Features and Benefits

  • Visual Bandwidth Control provides you the ability to literally see how much bandwidth each of your applications are using at any one time.
  • Visual Bandwidth Control enables you to place limits on the bandwidth usage of these applications, such as limiting a file download so that it can run in the background while leaving plenty of resources for you to play a game or stream a movie.