- Install drivers using Device Manager

If you would like to install the Killer E2200, Killer E2400, Killer Wireless-N, or Killer Wireless-AC drivers without the Killer software manually - you can do so using these steps.

First, download the driver only package from:

After the download is complete, extract the drivers to a temporary location, such as your desktop.

Press Windows key + X

Click Device Manager

Once device manager is open, select the Ethernet Controller, Network Controller, or Unknown device, right click it and click Update Driver Software

Killer DeviceManager 01

This will launch the update driver software wizard

·         Choose: Browse my computer for driver software

Killer DeviceManager 02

Click Browse... and browse to the location where you extracted the standalone driver package earlier, then click Next

Note:It is recommended that you browse all the way to the right device and right OS. For instance, you can see in the image that we have browsed to C:\drivers\Production\Windows10-x64\ke2200w10 for the Killer E2200 network adapter.

Killer DeviceManager 03

The final screen should show that you have successfully installed the driver. You can now click on Close

Killer DeviceManager 04

on Wednesday November 16

Ensure that you have downloaded the proper version of Killer Bluetooth software for your Killer Wireless card. Please note that the Killer Wireless-N 1202 has a single Bluetooth installer for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 For Killer Wireless-AC products, please ensure you have downloaded the appropriate version for your adapter and OS, as the Bluetooth software is not unified.

 Bluetooth downloads for Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 are available here:

on Wednesday November 16

If you are running a Killer e2200 Ethernet Adapter, or any Killer Wireless-N adapter, then this error generally occurs upon attempting to install an older software package. Please follow these steps to remedy this problem:

  1. Go to
  2. Download and save the latest driver version listed under the Killer Suite heading.
  3. Remove your current Killer software via Control Panel > Uninstall a Program (this will kill connectivity, so please ensure the new driver has been saved to disk first).
  4. Install the new driver software package. This should eliminate any 1603 errors.
on Wednesday November 16

The current Killer software suite is capable of detecting and upgrading from previous versions of itself. If a conflicting item of software is found, such as a incompatible version or a vendor specific version of the Killer Suite, the Installer will notify you of which software to remove prior to installation of the new software suite.

on Wednesday November 16

It is generally recommended that you use the software available from the manufacturer of your computer system, as the vendor has verified the experience and functionality of the Killer software for your particular platform.

You can also download the latest software directly from the Killer Networking team at:

on Wednesday November 16